Executive Function Coaching

It is one thing to know what should be done, it is another to do it. - Steve Backley

The professionals at Breakwater Associates are passionate about helping children, adolescents, and young adults succeed academically.   Executive Function coaching can benefit all individuals, including those who have not been diagnosed with a disability.  A personalized plan is designed to target each individual’s executive function strengths and weaknesses and the area in which they are struggling.  Once the plan is implemented, the professional closely monitors the individual’s progress through face-to-face meetings in which the effectiveness of the intervention is assessed. Changes are made as the needs of the individual changes.

Adolescents in high school and young adults in college greatly benefit from knowing how to develop strategies to overcome executive function weaknesses.  We teach the importance of self-advocacy skills and how to take advantage of the academic support services at the student’s high school or college.  We also provide training in the practical implementation of organizational/study skills in order to prepare for the rigor of high school and collegiate life.