Academic Therapy/Tutoring

Targeted Academic Intervention…

If your child or adolescent is struggling academically, simply providing help with their homework may not be enough. Breakwater Associates offers targeted academic intervention to strengthen basic academic foundations in reading, spelling, written expression, and math.

Tutors at Breakwater Associates provide instruction that is based on current scientific research that supports how the brain learns best. They provide instruction that is direct, individualized, systematic,  multi-sensory, and evidence-based. Breakwater’s approach is prescriptive, in that we closely monitor progress and tailor instruction to the specific needs of each individual. Our tutors work closely with our two Licensed Psychoeducational Specialists (SC Certified School Psychologists), Licensed Speech and Language Therapist, and a Licensed Professional Counselor.

With the right type of intervention, through a tutor who uses the right type of instruction, your child can experience significant improvement in his academic skills, gain confidence in his abilities, and become more successful in school.

*We can strengthen prereading/reading skills in students ranging from preschool age to college.